Veetee Rice - Rochester

"The fact that the client, one of Britain’s largest rice importers and processors, had to be able to carry on their operations through the middle of the new building as it went up, required a level of communication and cooperation I have rarely seen before".

Stephen Moore - MEB Design Ltd

This new steel framed construction, an extension to the current warehouse, was designed as a storage facility for Veetee Rice. It was essential that this fitted within the tight site constraints of both the working factory and it’s existing buildings. 

The warehouse was built just 100m away from the river estuary. Enormous floor loadings were required due to the specified racking and storage, requiring over 300 piles to be installed. 1200m3 of power floated slab was poured in just two phases.

Faircloth took the project on a true Design and Build basis using the team of in-house engineers to value engineer the project. As a result, the piling design was changed and the steel frame was slimmed down, therefore saving tonnage. Subsequently, generous savings were offered back to the client


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  • "It almost goes without saying that the project was finished on time and within budget. VeeTee and their consultant team, were delighted with both the process and the end product.”  

    Stephen Moore, MEB Design Ltd.