Teesland IDG - Woolwich

"We are pleased with the finished result and are already in consultations with Faircloth about possible future collaborations".

Spokesperson, Teesland IDG

This group of industrial units in Woolwich were built on the site of a former Ministry of Defence munitions factory. The venture was the completion of the final stage of the industrial re-development project.

The brief was to design and build a terrace of six high quality industrial units on a 21,000 sq ft site. The units are a mix of single storey and two storey buildings with flexible internal space to suit a wide variety of uses. The design brief stipulated that the new construction was to compliment a nearby 17th Century listed building which was made of traditional London stock brick.


    Teesland IDG




    Rex Proctor and Partners


    Hamiltons Architects Ltd

  • SIZE

    21,000 sq ft


    32 weeks



  • "Faircloth worked really hard to produce a crisp, nicely detailed building which is sympathetic to other buildings on the site". 

    Hamiltons Architects Ltd