Brands Hatch Race Circuit, Kent
The projects carried out at Brands Hatch were done in two stages. The first required the construction of a WC pod and terrace area overlooking the start line. The work involved the demolition of the existing building and a re-design of the foundations, avoiding underground services resulting in a modern and contemporary building that will encourage more spectators to visit Brands Hatch.
Secondly, was the overhaul to the Brabham Stewart Suites resulting in a modern look with streamlined overcladding. Distinctive improvements were made to the pits eating area on a raised terrace which was designed by McDonald Architects.
"The timeline of the project presented a challenge, but with a sympathetic client and a pro-active builder, it was an enjoyable and successful project" David Fordham, McDonalds Architects.



Client - Motorsport Vision
Architect - McDonalds Architects
Duration - 15 weeks
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